This is a snippet from our most recent CQC Inspection report carried out in June 2014, please click the links at the bottom of the page to view the report in full or see our previous reports.

"Staff had received the information, training and managerial support they needed to do their job effectively. There were arrangements in place that ensured staff had the most up-to-date information about people’s needs. This included ‘handovers’ of pertinent information when staff arrived for duty. We spoke with staff and observed them going about their duties in an unhurried, purposeful way.

They were able to tell us about people’s individual needs and how they delivered their care. This meant that because staff had a good knowledge of each person’s care needs and preferences they were able to provide effective care.

When we saw staff interact with people their manner of approach was patient, kind, and gentle. One visitor we spoke with said, "All the nurses and carers are kind. They look after people so nicely.” The staff presented as friendly and helpful. We heard staff encourage people to do things for themselves but they made sure people were safe and provided them with timely assistance whenever that was appropriate. People were offered support at a level which encouraged independence and ensured their individual needs were met.

We saw that when staff assisted people with personal care such as toileting or bathing they made sure doors were closed to protect people’s dignity and privacy. We heard people addressing people by their preferred name. We found that people were encouraged to spend private time with their visitors as they chose, either in a quiet lounge area or in the privacy of their room.

All the staff we spoke with had a good understanding of how to support people in a way that respected each person as an individual, each with their own needs and preferences for how they wished to receive their care and support."

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