1. Countryview (Warkton) Ltd of Country View Nursing Home, Warkton. Kettering, Northants. NN16 9XQ is the registered provider. Mrs Margaret Webb. RGN.RMA. Director Responsible for Nursing. Mr Brian Webb is Director/Company Secretary and is also The Responsible Individual. E-mail admin@countryviewwarkton.co.uk


  1. The owners Mr & Mrs Webb are well qualified to run a nursing home; Mrs Webb attended University College Hospital London to study for her nursing qualifications in 1965 where she was employed until 1971 on moving away from London to Brighton she worked in local Civil service nursing homes as a staff nurse. When moving to Essex she became night sister at Billericay hospital in charge of care for the elderly. She was in 1984 offered the opportunity to become part of a team investigating providing respite care for the elderly at Oundle Community Care unit in Northamptonshire. The team won a national award, and their scheme was set up as a pilot scheme for Northants and run for ten years before being closed due to lack of money. She then joined Country View in November 1996 as a staff nurse being promoted to deputy matron in early 1997 and becoming matron later that year and joined the board of directors of Rivervalley Ltd. She was offered and accepted the opportunity to take over the business in the latter part of 1998 and has been the owner ever since. Mr Webb is a qualified heating and plumbing engineer and has qualifications in Building Construction and management from The Queen Elizabeth’s Training College. He ran his own company for several years before returning to the Construction Industry where he worked in a managerial role in charge of purchasing and Quality Assurance.


  1. The staff of the home are extremely experienced Mrs Webb has been a nurse in charge of Care for the elderly since 1972. Our staff nurses are all RGNs and have been with the company for many years and have contributed greatly to building our reputation. Our Care staff have in the majority been with us since we took over the home and experienced staff from other homes have joined us recently. We have recently started some trainees who are making good progress in their training; we have members of our care staff who are qualified to NVQ3 with others holding NVQ level 2 certificates and others are studying for their certificates.


  1. The home is owned by a family business Countryview (Warkton) Ltd there are three directors fully committed to the nursing home. There is also a Manager, Staff nurses, Activities Co-ordinators, Senior Health Care, HealthCare Assistants, Cooks, Cleaners, Housekeeper, Maintenance, Resident Welfare plus contracted maintenance support workers ranging from electrician to gardeners who are contracted to make regular visits to ensure the smooth running of the services side of the home.


  1. We provide nursing care for service users of either sex, 4 places for users with physical disabilities from 35 years, and the remainder, old age, not falling in any other category.


  1. Countryview has then facilities to care for a wide range of needs from young physically disabled to the elderly infirm in need of nursing care. The home also can take service users who need palliative / hospice style care.


  1. We offer nursing care to the very best of our ability to all those that need nursing care.


  1. Prior to accepting a new service user they are all assessed using our own assessment form to ensure that we can provide for their needs, physically and spiritually.


  1. Every effort is made to encourage service users to pursue their interests and hobbies within the parameters allowed by their illness. Visiting groups provide entertainment whilst our occupational therapist visits twice a week. Service users are given a questionnaire on a regular basis so that we get customer feedback.


  1. The staff have regular informal meetings with service users regarding their likes, dislikes and needs. Their comments are reported back to the nurse in charge who will wherever possible discuss further with the service user with a view to implement the requests, the outcome of these meetings will be recorded along with whatever action taken.


  1. Fire precaution and emergency procedure notices are placed in positions as required by the inspecting Fire officer together with all statutory signs and emergency lights to assist evacuation if need be.


  1. Clerics of the Church of England, are in contact with the home on a regular basis to administer to the service users’ needs.


  1. Service users contact friends and relatives, through use of telephone, virtual video calls, letter writing, e-mail, as well as visiting. They may take their visitors to their rooms or one of the lounges or even out to the seating areas in the gardens weather permitting.


  1. The complaints procedure is part of the terms and conditions of contract. The procedure is also displayed in the reception area. Matron will investigate the complaint and inform the complainant within 28 days of what action has been taken. The complainant is informed of their right to take their complaint direct to the CQC.


  1. The registered person arranges monthly reviews of the service users plan together with the service user and their chosen representative with input from other specialists and or carers as may be required.


  1. The home has at this moment 10 double rooms and 9 singles for service user occupation. From 11 square metres to 26 square metres in size. There are two lounges, two dining rooms, seven bathrooms and one shower room. The facilities are sufficient for fifty Service Users. Which is well in excess of our registration number of 29 in addition we have our own kitchen, treatment rooms, in house laundry facilities, staff toilets and two visitor’s toilets.


  1. Theraputic techniques are not the normal practice at Countryview, but they are available at the Service users /doctor’s request. Should a therapist be required they will be offered the use of a private room with supervision by a registered nurse.


  1. At Countryview we have a policy and a duty to preserve service user’s privacy and dignity and to ensure that these are always respected. So that the service user feels that they are being treated with respect and their privacy and dignity are being preserved. Rooms are available other than their own for private visiting and family occasions. In shared rooms screens are provided, to enable personal hygiene matters to be dealt with in private and without loss of dignity. Personal hygiene throughout the day is carried out in the privacy of the service users’ room, or, in one of our bathrooms.