A brand new look, the same great care

Everything has a brand, people and businesses, something that creates a lasting impression and a distinguishing factor. And when a brand doesn’t create the right impression or reflect a true personality then that’s the time when you should think about rebranding.

Countryview Nursing Home is a thriving, family owned nursing home, and after 20 years we felt it was time to refresh our brand and website, to better articulate who we are, what we offer and why we are the nursing home of choice for many residents and their families.

Our starting point was to decide on our three key distinguishing factors that underpinned our brand personality:

  1. Care – holistic support of the mind and body
  2. Comfort – beautiful surroundings and life enriching activities
  3. Family – owned and run by family, for residents and their families

Together, these formed our brand story, our promise to anyone choosing a nursing home and considering us:

Our home is a family, providing tailored, life enriching care that make everyone feel safe and content.

Our new logo is the visualisation of this – hand-drawn to show the personal touch, leaves in keeping with our rural location, people at the heart of our home all supported with a caring hand.

Look out for our new brand identity as it rolls out across all of our communications and this website, and better still, drop us a line to arrange a visit to experience the Countryview brand for yourself.